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What Makes Us Different

Our tea is rooted in making you feel good. We use only whole, organic botanical ingredients.

You will never find natural or artificial flavour in any of our blends. How could we add flavouring or consider using anything less than whole, organic botanicals if our focus is on bettering your wellness?

We continuously choose to remain true to our values when it comes to our quality.

The Process

We work directly with our suppliers in sourcing only organic and whole botanicals. We accept nothing less. Our suppliers source botanicals from all over the world - where the botanical grows and thrives best. 

We hand blend each of our teas following a traditional method. This is botanical by botanical, part by part. This ensures the best quality. 

We then hand package and hand label each blend. The energy that goes into each tea pouch is meant to extend into your home.

Our Story

Founded by Kara Petrunick, a naturopathic doctor, who found a real disconnect in how we approach tea. In an overly stimulated world, there is power of pressing pause to enjoy a high quality, health focused tea. 

Kara has been blending her own blends for years to target her own personal health needs. She has always approached tea for the ritual it provided and the benefits that can be found in each cup. It was when she started seeing patients, during her clinical year in school, that she realized she wasn’t the only woman who was looking for a healthy alternative.

Through trying endless teas and researching the process, it was decided to focus solely on teas that provide benefits. This was choosing only loose leaf, only whole botanicals, and keeping production small to keep the quality high. 

Months of endless research commenced, and a boutique tea line came to life. Living Apothecary works to compliment the modern lifestyle with a slow-living, ritualistic tea moment that is easy enough to achieve daily.

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